Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa

Turkey Visa

Many types of visas are available for Turkey-such as Tourist,Business,Transit,Work etc.We Support for Tourist & Business visas.All the Sticker visa application are processed by authorized agent of the Turkey Embassy of Dhaka.
Turkey embassy issues e-visa for those people who have valid USA,UK Ireland or Schengen visa or residence permit may get their single entry e-visa valid that is for one month .Turkey e-visa cost 61 US dollars .E-visa is valid for a total period of 180 days & stay permit is up to 30 days.

Basic Documents for Tourist & Business:

  • Duly filled Application form and signed by the applicant(if the applicant is a minor, the form must be signed by both parents or its legal guardian).
  • Seven (07) Months Valid Passport with Old Passport if have.
  • Visiting Card.
  • Recent Photo(size 2×2 inch)matt paperBackground White NOTE: The photo should not more than 03 months old and should not be used in any of the previous visas. The applicant ‘are must visible in his/her photo.
  • Marriage Certificate or divorce certificate Copy (as per religion).Death certificate requires for widows.
  • For Non-Bangladeshi applicant:Bangladeshi Residence Permit valid at last 3 months beyond the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member Stats.
  • NID/Birth Certificate copy.
  • Visa request letter: Letter from applicant name, designation, Passport Number, purpose, and outlining who will be responsible for the full costs of the trip-travel, accommodation, expenses etc. Addressed to- The visa Officer.
  • In case of minors:
  • Consent of either parents or custodian if both parents are not traveling together.
  • Photocopy of passport of parents or legal guardian
  • Proof of financial means of parents or legal guardian.
  • Original birth certificate of the minor issued by the relevant authority.

For Business Person:

  • Renewal Trade license copy with notary public (English Translated).
  • Memorandum of the article, certificate of Incorporation, Form XII for Limited Company.VAT,IRC,LC copy, Membership certificate If any.
  • Additional documents for Partnership: Business agreement/deed copy.
  • 02 Visiting Cards.

For Job Holder:       

  • No objection certificate (NOC),(Mentioning In English on official company paper with stamp ,signature, and date, introducing the business person and mentioning: address, telephone and fax number of the employing company. the name and position in the employing company of the countersigning officer, the name of applicant, position, salary and years of service, approval for leave, confirmation of position after return),pay slip/original salary statement. For official passport holders government order copy, original note verbal copy.
  • 02 Visiting Card.
  • For Retired PersonRetirement document.

For Student:

  • Student ID card Photo Copy.
  • Original school leave letter/permission of absence mentioned full address, telephone number, name and function of the person granting permission. If school trips then the purpose the duration and the destination must be mentioned in the letter of the school.

Financial Documents:

  • Bank Statement last six months with bank solvency certificate company & personal.
  • Other financial document such as FDR ,Saving certificate, share statement(If available)
  • Income tax certificate copy last 3 years-TIN.
  • Valuation of other assets such as land,building(If any).

Overseas Documents:

  • For Tourist Purpose:Personal Invitation Letter& evidence of your inviter’s passport and status in Turkish (If available)
  • For Business Visit: A letter of invitation from the host organization in Turkish .Including conference registration details, reasons for applicant’s visit, itinerary wih contact details of the business parties involved, and applicant’s employment contract details.

Travel Documents:

  • Air Ticket Booking copy: Return airline Ticket booking with Passenger Registration Number or Reservation Number.
  • Hotel Booking Copy: Hotel Confirmation or any other documents proving accommodation for the whole period of stay.
  • Travel Itinerary.
  • Travel Health Insurance (Original & Photocopy)for up to 30,000 Euros. 

Visa Fee:(Tourist & Business):

  • Turkish Sticker Visa Tk.11,756.(Embassy+ Authorized agent +Insurance + Service charge)
  • Travel Manners service charge 2500.

(Notary & translation charge are additional –if needed)

Processing Time:

  • Tourist Visa: Total 10-15 days (File processing +Appointment +Embassy)
  • Business Visa: Total 10-15 days (File processing +Appointment +Embassy)
  • E-Visa: Turkish E-visa Including Service Charge Tk.6500


  • Visa Processing Fee Non-refundable.
  • Visa rate can be changed without prior notice.
  • Visa issuance rights reserved by the Embassy.
  • All Bangla documents must be translated into English and notarized.
  • File processing for visas will start only after receiving all necessary documents.

 Embassy of Turkey :

Address: House No:07,Road No-02,Baridhara ,Dhaka-1212
Email: embassy.dhaka@mfa.gov.tr
Web:https://Turkish Embassy web
File Submit: Sunday to Wednesday-09.00 To 13.00
Passport Collection: Sunday To Thursday,14.00 To 18.00