What Are the Rules Behind the Delisting of a Stock?

Companies that are delisted have failed to meet the minimum mandatory listing requirements set forth by the exchange. For investors, involuntary delisting is a red flag, signaling potential risks and the need for cautious evaluation. It often necessitates a thorough reassessment of the investment’s viability and the company’s future prospects. As a result, NASDAQ informed […]

How To Use The Reward Risk Ratio Like A Professional

However, this reduces your trading opportunities as you’re more selective with your trading setups. If you’re trading chart patterns, then your stop loss should be at a level where your chart pattern gets “destroyed”. If the price is below the 200-period moving average such as 10-day, 20-day, or 100-day, look for short setups. Your win […]

Forex Standard Account vs Raw Spread: Whats the Difference?

AximTrade provides a wide forex leverage range that helps you choose your preferred risk level. The leverage ratio depends on your account type and equity, up to infinite leverage, and can be reduced by applying custom leverage. It’s important to carefully consider these factors before deciding whether a standard account is the right choice for your trading […]

So What Exactly Is Short Selling? An Explainer : NPR

Let’s say all goes as planned, and later, you buy back the 10 shares at $125 after the stock price has gone down and return the borrowed shares to the broker. Some traders will short a stock, while others will short a market as a whole via trading strategies that involve exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Hedge […]