13 Best AI Shopping Bots for a Seamless Shopping Experience

Best 25 Shopping Bots for eCommerce Online Purchase Solutions Cost savings, better customer service, and multi-channel interactions at scale. Chatbots save retailers time and money shopping bots for sale by allowing them to customers at any time. There are plenty of cool ways you can make use of ecommerce chatbots. Don’t let Grinch bots put […]

What Is Natural Language Understanding NLU?

What is Natural Language Understanding NLU? NLP can also scan patient documents to identify patients who would be best suited for certain clinical trials. With the Internet of Things and other advanced technologies compiling more data than ever, some data sets are simply too overwhelming for humans to comb through. Natural language processing can quickly […]

How to Use Retail Bots for Sales and Customer Service

Best 25 Shopping Bots for eCommerce Online Purchase Solutions However, you can help them cut through the chase and enjoy the feeling of interacting with a brick-and-mortar sales rep. Many chatbot programs are available for retailers to explore, and they can customize them to fulfill one or more of these functions. Use those insights to […]

How Banking Process Automation Can Transform Your Financial Institution

How Banking Automation is Transforming Financial Services Hitachi Solutions To align teams and integrate banking automation solutions, an organization must reorganize roles and responsibilities. This hurdle implies the difficulty of process standardization for unstructured data and human-involved procedures. When choosing which business operations to automate, things can go wrong. Banks can quickly and effectively assist […]